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What To Expect When Working With A Professional Home Buyer In Boardman, OH

by | Dec 17, 2022

What To Expect When Working With A Professional Home Buyer In Boardman, OH

While many people have existing notions about what realtors do, some sellers might not know what to expect when working with a professional home buyer. In most cases, it can be preferable to work with a professional home buyer because they have the credentials to ensure that a property gets sold with ease.

Professional home buyers provide simple transactions that are easy and free of stress for the seller, which makes contacting them a great alternative for people who are tired of the traditional home selling process.

Straightforward Closings

Professional home buyers in Boardman, Ohio who purchase with cash can close much faster than those going the traditional route. The latter usually entails having to go through a bank for mortgage qualifications, which takes time, as well as the property inspection and the possibility that the buyer may not actually qualify for a loan in the end. There are no commissions paid to either a buyer’s or seller’s agent when working with professional home buyers — potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

The standard commission that most people pay is 3% per side. For example, if an individual were to sell their home for $300,000, they would have to fork over $18,000 in commissions. Professional home buyers typically don’t charge transaction fees, and if they do, it pales in comparison to the typical commission or closing costs. Another convenience that some professional home buyers offer is mail-away closings — this perk is ideal for individuals who don’t live near the property being sold.

Purchasing Homes As-Is

Professional home buyers in Boardman usually buy homes that are “as-is.” This means that as a seller, you likely will not have to pay for any repairs or other extra expenses. Professional home buyers, after purchasing as-is, will handle the nitty-gritty work that would usually trouble you if you went with another option. Some companies do not even require inspections, which makes it an easy transaction overall.

Lower Risk Transactions

Selling your home to a professional buyer is much simpler than working with a realtor. They will thoroughly explain each step of the process and have straightforward contracts that are brief as-is purchase agreements. You will also have reduced exposure to legal risks because you won’t need to worry about the buyer finding things you didn’t know about and didn’t disclose, or them disliking something about the property or neighborhood after signing.

Professional home buyers are willing to take on the risk of a lawsuit if the buyer feels they were lied to or didn’t receive all pertinent information. Most traditional real estate contracts have this potential liability for sellers. However, because professional home buyers already know the state of the property, they feel comfortable assuming this responsibility.

No Showings

Hiring a professional home buyer means that you don’t have to endure the hassles and emotional stresses of selling your house. You won’t get random, inconvenient phone calls asking if you’re available to show your home on short notice. There’s no need to waste time cleaning up every day before leaving for work, just in case there’s a showing while you’re gone. The professional home buyer takes care of all of these after acquiring the property from you. Since they are used to this kind of business, it will be no problem for them to undertake these tasks that would normally stress out those who are not used to the industry.

By not working with a buyer’s agent, you avoid any potential awkwardness or tension that could come from running into them or their clients. Additionally, you don’t have to concern yourself with haggling over furniture removal — simply take what you want or what is necessary, and you can leave anything else.

Move Out Time

Home buyers who are looking to invest rather than move into the property immediately can be extremely beneficial, as they usually allow a reasonable timeframe for you to relocate at your own pace. In many cases, you won’t even have to worry about cleaning up the home before leaving; simply pack your belongings and furniture that you want to keep and leave the rest behind.

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