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Exploring All of Your Options When Selling Your House in Youngstown, OH

by | Nov 17, 2022

Exploring All of Your Options When Selling Your House in Youngstown, OH

Selling your house in a small time frame can put you under a ton of stress. Understandably, you might feel defeated before you’ve even begun. As the days and months go by without a sale, it can be discouraging. But take heart – we’re here to help walk you through all of your options for selling your house in Youngstown, Ohio.

Listing Agent

If you want to sell your house in Youngstown, know that real estate agents typically get paid based on a percent of the sale, among other possible fees.

Even though it’s a seller’s market now, conditions can always change and impact your asking price.

While you wait for the perfect buyer, invest in repairs and updates to the house so it’s show-ready. Check your area carefully to ensure buyers won’t find anything unusual that could cost you a potential sale. Repairs may be required before closing, depending on how inspections go. And while it’s unfortunate, there is always a chance that the buyer could back out after everything is said and done – even if they meet all of the mortgage qualifications and pass inspection.

Cash Offers

Professional buyers offer cash sales, which enables a faster closing on your house. Since the sale is usually as-is, you save both time and money. You are also relieved of any legal responsibilities associated with disclosure issues. Keep in mind that professional buyers do take higher risks, but will often pay closing costs.

Because of this, their offers are generally lower than what you would get if you sold the property FSBO or through the MLS. Take note that not all buyers have good intentions and may try to take advantage of any time or financial constraints that you reveal to them. Because of this, it’s important to remain cautious about who you work with. With that said, there are still good buyers that can work with you for an honest cash sale.

At Access Homebuyers, we pride ourselves on making offers to homeowners that are fair and well-researched. You won’t have to worry about the intentions of the buyer or the legitimacy of their purchase, as we will always be thorough with our customer checks.

For Sale By Owner

Selling your house in Youngstown on your own may be more convenient because you’d be in complete control. Selling your house through professionals, such as real estate agents and auctioneers, charges fees for their services which reduce your profits.

You may save significant money on the transaction if you have prior experience with legal issues surrounding real estate advertising and transactions. However, making an error regarding advertising or handling elements of the sale with the buyer can be both time-consuming and financially costly.

Short Sale

A short sale can be agreed upon with your lender to sell your house for less than the remaining debt on loan. This process can be slow, so it’s important to be patient if you choose to go with this route.


One of the best things about auctions is that you don’t have to worry about showing your house. Furthermore, these houses sell quickly and straightaway, so you won’t have to waste time and money maintaining your property in Youngstown.

Remember that their services will typically cost 10% of the final purchase price. Because most auctions charge buyers’ fees, people are likely to make lower bids to snatch a bargain. Make sure to know if you’ll have to pay their fee beforehand, so it won’t take away from your bottom line. Know that just because a property is up for auction, there’s no guarantee that it will be sold – attendance could be low, or several properties could be auctioned off at the same time, leading to lower bids overall.

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